Best Cafes for Remote Work in Kuala Lumpur

Best Cafes for Remote Work in Kuala Lumpur

Who would’ve thought that Kuala Lumpur would be a mecca of hipster cafes? From cozy cups of coffee while sitting on a swing in a shipping box to cotton candy clouds raining sugar into your mug, KL is a hipster nomad's dream.

When I want a change of scenery from our Remote Year coworking space (which is great btw) I seek out a few of the cafes that boast delicious coffee, some local treats and of course all of the wifi. Here are a few of my faves so far:


Feeka is our local haunt, being only a 5 minute walk from our apartments. It is a small cafe, with both indoor and outdoor seating and has a decent menu to choose from. The coffee is around 10-15 ringgit, the wifi is good enough to get work done (not sure about call quality) and it is usually bustling with fellow Remote Years.


VCR was literally love at first sight because at the entrance they have the tiniest baby kitten (Charlie) they care for and you can play with him. So this is obviously the best cafe on here. Adorable infant kitten aside, the actual cafe is pretty great. Plenty of food options, tons of seating on two levels as well as outside, and staff that make you feel like a local. Try the avocado toast!

Table 23

Table 23 isn’t technically a cafe, more of a restaurant/bar. It’s right next to Feeka, so close to our apartments, and is a lot emptier during the work day. I work from here when I want to minimize distractions. They have a perfectly spicy/sour pho and the greatest Vietnamese coffee. The coffee takes about 10 minutes since it’s a drip brew, but it’s a fabulous mix of chocolatey and bold coffee flavor. I wouldn’t head here after 5pm to work since they typically have live bands in the evening.
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Coffee Amo

The entrance to this place is enough to make you opt out and go for Starbucks, but once you get passed the dingy stairway and very creepy room (think abandoned sewing mannequin and strewn trash) you get to a really quaint cafe. Coffee Amo is famous for its 3D art. Any latte order comes with a delightfully cute puffy cat or bear or whatever creation the barista comes up with that day. The designs are so painfully cute that it took me about 10 minutes to actually start drinking it. I ordered a macadamia nut latte and it was delicious. It also has a good wifi connection, an assortment of treats and sandwiches to choose from and wasn’t overwhelmingly busy.

Lepaq Lepaq

This is the most instagram friendly place on the list, proven by the shitload of photos I’ve seen on my feed of this place from other Remote Years. It’s most famous for the cotton candy cloud that sits above your coffee, slowly melting and providing sweetener to your daily cup. Lepaq Lepaq is designed so beautifully that you’ll find people spending most of their time sifting through filters rather than working, although the wifi is strong enough to get stuff done.

Moontree House

Moontree House is the least cozy cafe on this list, but arguably the best one to work at. It reads as more of a library than a cafe, and is silent. Almost eerily so. I went during the week at 2 pm and there were only two other people there. There are a few shelves with books on feminism, as seen on various signs throughout the cafe, which I'm sure would make for an interesting read between work. It’s a great spot for no-frills coffee and a work space that will really allow you to get stuff done. Definitely not a place to go with a group considering I felt that my typing was a little too loud for the space.

AKU Cafe

AKU Cafe is a restaurant, meets cafe, meets book store. When I visited there were many locals dining (always a good sign) and plenty of seating for people to work. I sat in the “library nook” that had pillow backed chairs and good enough wifi to conduct a few work calls and emails. It was also really nice to be able to take a break from my laptop and snag a book to read while sipping on their signature coffee. The staff is very knowledgeable about their coffees so make sure to ask for their recommendation.

Not included on this list is Boxes Cafe, which swaps out your desk chair for swings. As cool as that is, the wifi is horrendous and therefore not a great place to work from. But go let out your inner child and visit!

*Make sure to check the opening times of the cafe
before visiting as a few close on random days during the week*

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Goodbye to KL

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